I have been everything for Inteco. I have walked distances to put up machines. I have been the Fundi when they broke down. I was the procurement agent and sales when applicable. I was the brand ambassador, the only one shouting that we exist. I was the strategist, the dreamer, the farmer drenched in sweat … Continue reading MADAM CEO


I have not written about Inteco in a really long time. I just did not want to admit that there wasn’t as much progress as I anticipated. Plus, I was trying to disassociate myself from the brand. I had started to feel that Inteco was the only thing that defined me and I hated it. … Continue reading DRAWING BOARD

New year

I finally feel that 2017 has started. I know it has taken me a week to realise that but, I did not have a dramatic entrance to 2017. I did not feel the earth shake. I had in every definition a pretty normal day. However, I had some baggage that I had to leave in … Continue reading New year


The darkness becomes my canvas as I start to paint my map. I erase my work with a blink of an eye. Immerse myself in a new game. It is between me and all the possible scenarios I can possibly come up with. I am trying to outplay the unknown. I start to hyperventilate. How … Continue reading Her