My first corporate breakup. I had never wanted to be a part of the working force. I always saw myself as my own master. However, Inteco needed money. Thus, I not reluctantly enough decided to be someone’s employee. I was going in to grow my company I told myself. In and out. Naivety at its … Continue reading MY GROWTH | RESET


I tried reading personal finance articles on how to locate short, intermediate and long term financial goals. However, they were too technical and dry for me. They somehow were never able to fit into my bracket of a young, not married woman. All the articles were for people in school or people with a family … Continue reading FINANCIAL MAPPING

New year

I finally feel that 2017 has started. I know it has taken me a week to realise that but, I did not have a dramatic entrance to 2017. I did not feel the earth shake. I had in every definition a pretty normal day. However, I had some baggage that I had to leave in … Continue reading New year