Have you ever wanted something but was afraid if you wanted it hard enough it would not materialize? I have become a skeptic. It could be because of the multiple fails I have had with Inteco. The constant thrashing blindly in the dark. Maybe this is what happens when you grow older. The naivety of … Continue reading MY THOUGHTS| HOPE


I never wanted to admit that I was born into a world of privilege. It felt dirty. Like all the achievements I ever made and will ever make are not truly mine. I believed if you put me with a girl from the rural or slum areas we would excel equally. As much as this … Continue reading PRIVILEGE


I tried reading personal finance articles on how to locate short, intermediate and long term financial goals. However, they were too technical and dry for me. They somehow were never able to fit into my bracket of a young, not married woman. All the articles were for people in school or people with a family … Continue reading FINANCIAL MAPPING


The darkness becomes my canvas as I start to paint my map. I erase my work with a blink of an eye. Immerse myself in a new game. It is between me and all the possible scenarios I can possibly come up with. I am trying to outplay the unknown. I start to hyperventilate. How … Continue reading Her