I have been everything for Inteco. I have walked distances to put up machines. I have been the Fundi when they broke down. I was the procurement agent and sales when applicable. I was the brand ambassador, the only one shouting that we exist. I was the strategist, the dreamer, the farmer drenched in sweat … Continue reading MADAM CEO


We have finished with the business plan. I now hope you have a better understanding of what some of the elements require you to think about. You can always search how to layout your business plan. The information is widely available. I did not bother to put it here because it has been discussed a … Continue reading #10 ONLINE PURCHASING


  It would be foolish to start a business and think that things will flow smoothly. It just never happens. It is important to have an idea of what difficulties lay ahead of you. For example if I projected that Inteco would be chunning 100 sanitary pads a day but that doesn’t happen. What shall … Continue reading #9 THE RISK


I do not know about you but costing was very difficult for me. Inteco’s financial projections were very depressing. Costing is unfortunately a necessary evil. It allows you to know to the last shilling how much you will need. I was very ambitious at the beginning. I wanted a lot of machines all at once. … Continue reading #8 COSTING