I was always in my head. talking. I was always talking in my head. To myself. I was always talking to myself in my head. After all I was my best company. No one really understood just how amazing I was other than me. “Munira” Yes. I used to address myself while talking to myself … Continue reading #7 IMAGINATION


Black women and their hair. I had wanted to put this in my previous post as an example to illustrate the damage society has done to our self identity as women. I realized that this statement is deserving of a post on its own.  Trying to explain the psychological trauma that women have with their … Continue reading #5 I AM MY HAIR


I wasn’t envious you see. I was just disappointed in myself. Envy manifests itself in funny ways. I have never considered myself an envious or jealous person. I have genuinely been happy for other’s accomplishments. I am proud of my peers’ work no matter what form it takes. The problem started when I started comparing … Continue reading #3 ENVY