It sounds weird doesn’t it meeting yourself. In my previous post I discussed the prerequisites of personal branding. Let me share my story:

It was late last year I was in a beautiful garden looking at the lush green grass blades absentmindedly. A thought struck me. I am not a good business person, I am not the best friend, I am not the best sister and I am not the best daughter. The realization hit home. Maybe just maybe I was asking for more than I was giving. Continue reading “STORY TIME | HOW I MET MYSELF”


I started my YouTube channel a few months ago. The learning process has been incredible. Actually incredible is an understatement. It has turned out to be exactly, what I needed to see the world in a different light. Let me explain, all these videos you spend countless of hours watching have been explicitly thought out. … Continue reading JOURNEY | YOUTUBE


I had contemplated not posting this. It was of a darker time when I truly felt that I had given up. I posted it because I know we have gone through this. You do not have to be strong. You can cry. You can shout. It is ok.

There are some good and bad days. If I was to write about only the good I feel I would be misleading you. I have been searching for a job. It has been a frustrating and tedious journey. Many times it has made me question my actions from the past. Did I make the right decision to shut off employment as an option too early on that now I have no set of skills that are employable? Should I have prepared myself for employment? Continue reading “THOUGHTS | OF DARKER TIMES”