This is my first business post this year and on this platform. I have not written about Inteco because there really a lot of earth shuttering development until now. I was approached last year with an opportunity that I was skeptical about. I felt that I was selling out my business if I accepted the … Continue reading Opportunities


I have always struggled with finding balance. When something is new and exciting I tend to put all my attention on it and forgo the rest of the things in my life. Once it gets old (and it gets old fast) I push it to the side and move on to the next new thing. … Continue reading Balance

Self love 2

Read the first part if you have not yet already. I know I am not the only who looks at someone’s instagram account and wonder what a fantastic life they live and why am I not living it? They seem to always be eating at restaurants, jet setting, meeting the president you name it. This … Continue reading Self love 2

Self love

Here goes, This is a topic girls (and I believe boys) at some point in their teenagehood go through. We all look for external approval. It might be on body image, intellect or sports. Whatever it is we wait to be told we are good or beautiful or brilliant before we believe in ourselves. When … Continue reading Self love


Today, today was an emotionally interesting day. There is a lot of pressure for 2016 to be MY year. I have been out of university for about a year and something. There is pressure to get into the “system”. I do not think the pressure is external actually I am putting pressure on myself. Everyday … Continue reading Positivity


I went swimming for the first time in I think 5 years.It is one of my goals to be a more active and be serious about my fitness. You might be like Munira you are so skinny!! Well, I am a slender unfit person. Sprinting for 10 seconds usually leaves me out of breath. That.scares … Continue reading Swimming