DALA- home in Luo I enjoy the countryside. I enjoy the whistling of the wind. The buzzing of the bumblebees and the crowing of the Jogoo( rooster). I enjoy farming. I particularly, ┬ámarvel at how fast I get hungry when I am in dala. My grandfather used to say it was the air that made … Continue reading Dala


Bare with me, There is so much content in my head right now, if I do not post I will never post it. I am impulsive that way. It is this nature that made me decide to start a YouTube channel. I am not sure what possessed me into thinking I could do a YouTube … Continue reading YouTube

Come Back

I am finally back… First let me officially introduce myself. My name is Munira Twahir. I am the owner and founder of Inteco Kenya Limited. A sanitary pad distribution service that allows women convenient, accessible and flexible purchase of sanitary pads. I am also a sister to 3 brothers. A daughter. A niece. A cousin. … Continue reading Come Back