If I never learned anything from all this then the experience would have been wasted on me. Here are just a few things that I learned Be emotionally in check I had not realized how much baggage I was carrying around until I collapsed under it. As I look back there were many instances I … Continue reading LESSON LEARNED


I was not going to seek assistance from my father. I felt I was getting very dependent on him thus, I was not been industrious enough as an entrepreneur. I kept seeking guidance in things I could have done myself. Plus, I felt confident enough to run Inteco without guidance. I was running Inteco by … Continue reading Survival


I was about to settle, for a life that I had not dreamed of for myself. When I was looking for employment I viewed it as a failure. I had never wanted employment not that there was anything wrong with employment. It was just never in my plans. Therefore, for me to actually consider employment … Continue reading DROWNING


Today we take time to appreciate fathers around the world. Dear Daddy, It is safe to say you and I have known each other for some time now. You have been in my life for 21 years. That is my entire life time. With all the memories I have, I do not remember ever saying thank … Continue reading TO MY FATHER