Curve ball

Today’s post will be a little different. I have learned from my passed mistakes. That is what I have been sharing thus far.We all I hope learn from our mistakes. However, this week I was thrown a curve ball that left me stunned. I have not yet gotten the answer to this. I went to … Continue reading Curve ball


Like many of you I can now look forward to a salary at the end of the month!! Yes, Inteco can now afford me. (Insert standing ovation here). Excitement cannot even begin to describe what I feel. I am no longer a starving entrepreneur. You may be curious to know just how much my salary … Continue reading PAY DAY


It is February. Have you stuck with your new year’s resolutions thus far? We have. Remember #THE YEAR OF INTECO  where Inteco discussed creating a system as part of the first quarter’s resolution? Yes? I am proud to say we can safely check that out of our To-Do list. It was personally really challenging because I … Continue reading CREATING SYSTEMS