We have finished with the business plan. I now hope you have a better understanding of what some of the elements require you to think about. You can always search how to layout your business plan. The information is widely available. I did not bother to put it here because it has been discussed a … Continue reading #10 ONLINE PURCHASING


  It would be foolish to start a business and think that things will flow smoothly. It just never happens. It is important to have an idea of what difficulties lay ahead of you. For example if I projected that Inteco would be chunning 100 sanitary pads a day but that doesn’t happen. What shall … Continue reading #9 THE RISK


I do not know about you but costing was very difficult for me. Inteco’s financial projections were very depressing. Costing is unfortunately a necessary evil. It allows you to know to the last shilling how much you will need. I was very ambitious at the beginning. I wanted a lot of machines all at once. … Continue reading #8 COSTING

#7 Delivery

We have tackled your core product and service, your audience, your competition and value proposition. All this is usually encapsulated in marketing. The next natural progression is how you will deliver your service or product. Inteco is currently refining its operations. We are defining how we do things especially eternally. If you are completely starting … Continue reading #7 Delivery


The approach I am using so far is based on my experiences. The academic books shall give you a different approach however, I feel that they lack depth. Unless you read supplementary books you may not get your money’s worth although it is a very good starting point. With that said I read a VERY … Continue reading #6 SO WHAT?