In my last post I mention gate keepers. Who are gate keepers? Let me explain with an analogy. Whichever establishment you go to there is usually a guard. They are your first contact of the organization. They have the power to reject or accept your admission to the facility. If you are lucky and you are … Continue reading GATE KEEPERS


It is not an error code but the serial number of the first monetary note Inteco has made. *celebratory dance*. It is a milestone that I am very proud of .Why you may ask? Well, it is a clarification that Inteco is actually a viable business. It means that you believe in this concept of … Continue reading CL3953228

Doing it Myself

We are at Iko toilet Aga Khan Walk!!! Here is  how it happened.  I had gotten the owner’s email from a friend’s classmate’s lecture’s friend or cousin. Yap I was literally those people who know people who know people who know people. I had wanted to approach Eco Tact for some time. Although, I was … Continue reading Doing it Myself